The Story

The story of Coffee Hotline started in 2018 at cozy coffee shop in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Well... technically it started above that coffee shop in a creative studio space where our founder Shawn Pavlas (a former barista who later worked for a design company focused on the coffee industry) was running his digital media agency.

As part of an initiative to draw something new every day amidst the hectic schedule of running a business, Shawn started pairing his daily morning Americano with a quick doodle session. It started off as just a quick sketch of a coffee mug with something written on it. Over time, these sketches began to explore abstraction, surrealism, and humorous anecdotes. At some point a little talk bubble appeared over one of the coffee cup drawings and Pop Coffee Comics was born. 

As you've probably already guessed, Pop Coffee Comics is what eventually became the Coffee Hotline brand as the content Shawn was making started branching out from comics to other art forms like animations and graphic design.

The Brand

Coffee Hotline is, simply put, a celebration of coffee culture and design. Inspired by everything coffee: the art, package design, community, cultural heritage, trends, memes, and beyond.

The brand is fueled by a love for coffee culture worldwide. Coffee shops are our favorite locations on the planet. We nerd out over espresso machines and good vibes. We are passionate about learning about the cultures and processes behind the coffee we enjoy every day.

We're also passionate about good design, and we put our best efforts into every product we put out there. On that note, we're very excited to partner with various artists and designers for future releases. Please send us a message via the Contact page if you're interested in collaborating.

The Mission

The Coffee Hotline mission is to create coffee-inspired apparel that surpasses gimmick and gift-shop sensibilities with designs that are creative, inspiring, fun, and meaningful.  You'll see variety in the designs we release. That's because we're not trying to represent one particular style. Instead, we want to be a superstore of creativity in design that celebrates everything coffee. We think there's something for almost everyone here even if you aren’t quite as obsessed with coffee as we are.  We're currently running the shop online only, but we're only just getting started.